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A Short Film by Kayla Skipper



After the death of her Grandma,

26 year old Kayla revisits her childhood only to discover that Grandma has strangely disappeared from some of her memories.

During her final days of life, I watched my Grandma struggle to exist between two worlds - Life and death. After her death, I found myself in a similar struggle as I fought to keep my memories of her alive while she was no longer with us in real life. I fought to make sure my memories weren’t plagued by the darkness that can come with losing a loved one. A grueling experience with grief that I hope this film will embody.


This story is centered around a recurring dream I had following my Grandma’s death. In the dream, I revisited childhood memories of my Grandma. However, I discovered that my Grandma had disappeared from my memories and I was unable to find her. Through my journey with grief, I set out to find my Grandma and to find peace after this devastating loss.

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